Gift Registy Gift Registy

Gift Registy

Honestly, what would you really like
for a wedding, anniversary or retirement gift?


Stuff you could actually use?

Or a dream vacation?

Sometimes you just have to speak up and let people know

Executive Worldwide Travel Gift Registry - for the gift you really want

   Couples who have chosen travel
as their preferred gift

Lisa and Troy

Anick and Jeff

Alison and Joshua

Alyssa and Jocelyn

Ayesha and Troy

Rosalind and Mathew

Melissa and Sebastien

Angela and Derek

Brie and Ryan

Andrea and Gabriel

Stephanie and Bobbie

Tara C. and Matt P.

Annette and Romeo
(This one's a surprise!)
For more information, please contact:
Our Vacation Specialists
Executive Worldwide Travel/American Express Global Travel Services Network
Phone: 613-236-5555 FAx: 613-236-6280

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