Hi Jean,

"What a wonderful  experience this tour has been for me. From the time we gathered together at Deer Lake to our departure from St. John's we were treated with amazing hospitality.   A comfortable tour bus with historical videos enriched our knolwledge of various sites, as we travelled from west to east across the island.  This tour took us to stops that other tours bypass.  Our local tour guide was extremely knowledgeable, and sensitive to our  needs. He introduced us to all of his family and delighted  us with his musical talents en route and  at evening meals.    We enjoyed  excellent meals, fine accommodations  and best of all the delightful charm and welcoming attitude of all Newfoundlanders wherever we went. I learned so much about this province and have come to have a deep appreciation for its people and its history.   This tour is perfect for those who enjoy small groups and have a desire to be immersed in Newfoundland  culture. It was a very uplifting and special thirteen days. 


Barbara Ashcroft


Hi Jean,
I think of you and our wonderful Newfoundland trip and of Ed - both of you did such a splendid job of making the trip so comfortable and so "cultural". I mean that in the broadest possible way.
Our every minute was an immersion into Newfoundland culture. One's curiosity was instantly satisfied along the way through countryside vistas, music - both live and on disc, food adventures, history, museums.
I remember so many details of the trip that I love to think about. I feel such respect and love for your beautiful province.
May all your trips be awesome as ours was.
Muren Schachter


Dear Ms. Sheikh,

On the principle of striking while the iron is hot - and while a fortnight's laundry is drying - I wanted to write to thank you and all your staff for your arranging my participation in the Stratford Festival Tour. I had a wonderful time.

From our first contact by mail, through every step of the arrangements and details, to the actual tour itself,  things went swimmingly. I admit to having been a bit apprehensive lest I might be an "outsider," but in every way I was welcomed and included...

Please give my thanks to all who contributed to the tour's great success. And since your latest flyer arrived with my return - I am seriously thinking about Newfoundland for next summer. Also, Russia sounds very tempting...

Sincerely, Ted (Dr. Edward A. Walker)


What a wonderful trip you gave us last week! Your Cultural Tour of Toronto was so well planned and I enjoyed it very much. It was fun trying to use my French again.


Hope Ross-Papezik



Dear Jean,

You have no idea how truly happy I am to have answered your G&M ad. It has been a truly splendid experience.

But what has made it truly memorable are people like Bill and Ed and yourself. Add to that the beauties and bounties of the land, plus others we've met along the way and you have a wonderful holiday.

Thank you. I look forward to being part of one of your other sojourns.

Till then, peace, love and God Bless.




Your trips are terrific!

Constance O'Donnell


Dear Jean, I hope I can continue to travel with you for many more years.



Jean, you know what makes a special tour. There should be more like you!  Thanks so very  much.



Jean, thanks for the memories. I loved each day.



Wonderful trip as always Jean

Larry and Anna Claire


I've loved every bit of this trip, the pace, the very interesting and unusual extras you provide - Bless you.



Love ya Jean - it's been just wonderful!. See you in Ottawa.



You are our star. Many many thanks!

Anna and Geoff


Many thanks



Jean - With many thanks for all your care and attention to minute detail. See you again soon.

Nancy J. & Nancy W.


Jean - You do the greatest tours! This may not be my last Newfoundland one!



Thanks for the Great trip!!

Sara & Guy


Another great trip

Love Ruth


Dear Jean - A truly wonderful 2 weeks. Thank you for all the thought and planning.

Thank you, Philippa


Come From Away

We thought the rock was bleak and cold

From tales of yore that we'd been told

But Ed and Jean soon set us straight

Along with Bill, their first class mate.

Our senses soared to lofty heights

As every day brought new delights.

Humpbacked whales. Viking sails.

Hooked mats. Salt/pepper hats.

Friendly folks. Humespun jokes.

Cod jigging. Mathew rigging.

Black bear. Lupins fair.

Wild flowers. Sunshine showers.

Iceberg alley. Hidden Valley.

Fishing dories. Outport stories.

Fish cakes. Postcard lakes.

Berry muffins. Cheeky puffins.

Loose moose. Gander goose.

Mary Pratt. Fancy that!

I must conclude this heartfelt ode

My pen's gone into overload.

But when it's time to wash your socks

You'll know this island really rocks.