Champagne Anniversary Cruise Champagne Anniversary Cruise

Champagne Anniversary Cruise


Annette and Romeo's
50th Anniversary Cruise

A Champagne Cruise,
of course


We're invited, but it's a surprise!

Anniversary Date is August 10th

Plus Annette's birthday is August 11th

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We've arranged to join Annette and Romeo for a 7-night Alaska cruise
on the Northbound Glacier Route from Vancouver, BC to Whittier (Anchorage) Alaska.

So far, they don't know

Sailing date: August 8, 2007

To view the deck plans and staterooms on the Carnival Spirit, please visit the Carnival website.

Just can't make the trip? Check back after the ship sails.
We're hoping to post some pictures as the cruise unfolds.

Your Cruise Itinerary
Day    Port of Call    Arrival    Departure
Wednesday, Aug. 8    Vancouver        5:30 p.m.
Thursday, Aug. 9    Cruise Inside Passage       
Friday, Aug. 10    Ketchikan, Alaska    6:30 a.m.    5:00 p.m.
Saturday, Aug. 11    Juneau, Alaska    9:00 a.m.    11:00 p.m.
Sunday, Aug. 12    Skagway, Alaska    7:00 a.m.    5:00 p.m.
Sunday, Aug. 12    Cruise Lynn Canal       
Monday, Aug. 13    Sitka, Alaska    6:30 a.m.    5:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Aug. 14    Cruise Prince William Sound       
Tuesday, Aug. 14    Cruise College Fjord       
Wednesday, Aug. 15    Anchorage (Whittier), Alaska    7:00 a.m.   


Vancouver is a dream-like, mountain-ringed city blessed with a huge natural harbour that remains ice-free year-round. Wide open spaces, beautiful beaches, tall skyscrapers and an enchanting rainforest all mingle together to create a most relaxed and stress-free setting. Most folks come here to get away from it all, and enjoy fantastic cuisine, world-class entertainment, and unlimited shopping opportunities.

Cruising the Inside Passage

Located right along the coast of British Columbia, the Inside Passage is the longest sheltered inland waterway in the world. Watch the water for orcas and humpback whales as you cruise the passage to the historic Alaskan ports of Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan.

Ketchikan, Alaska

A popular destination along Alaska's famed Inside Passage, Ketchikan is teeming with Native American culture. Home of the largest concentration of Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people in the state, this extraordinarily beautiful city on Revillagigedo Island boasts the world's largest collection of totem poles, and an equally impressive selection of museums and cultural centers featuring Native dance, carvings and artifacts. Ketchikan's calm waters and surprisingly gentle climate make it a favorite of sports fishermen.

The Mendenhall Glacier
Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska is considered by many to be the most beautiful capital city in the U.S. Checking in at just a little over 3,100-square-miles, Juneau qualifies as the biggest American city - geographically, that is. The terrain is hilly and winding, and narrow streets present a small-town quaintness existing side-by-side with cosmopolitan sophistication. You'll find great shopping, fine restaurants and superb museums.

Skagway, Alaska

As your ship approaches Skagway, you'll see the town resting peacefully at the base of a river valley bordered by the Coast Mountains. The mountains, ranging from 5,000- to 7,000-ft. in height, seem to rise straight up from the saltwater fjord. Once on land, the streets of Skagway draw you back over 100 years, when this idyllic native fishing village was overrun by hordes of prospectors. Today, wooden sidewalks, old-fashioned saloons, quaint gift shops and horse-drawn carriages serve as reminders of the Alaskan Gold Rush days.

Cruise Lynn Canal

Stretching nearly 100 miles through some of Alaska's most breathtaking scenery, Lynn Canal is the longest glacial fjord in North America. As you cruise through this regal landscape you'll be awed by hanging glaciers, towering waterfalls and majestic mountains.

Sitka, Alaska

Sitka, the only major city on Alaska's Baranof Island, is the beneficiary of three distinct cultures: Tlingit Indian, Russian and American. You'll find relics of all three cultures throughout the area. With the spectacular natural beauty of Sitka Sound, its fascinating history, unique totem park and Mount Edgecomb - a dormant volcano which rises above the harbor - Sitka is definitely a treasure in the Alaskan wilderness.

Cruising Prince William Sound

Located off the coast of Anchorage, this amazing body of water hosts the largest concentration of glaciers in Alaska, including the College Fjord, a series of glaciers named after elite Ivy League schools. Keep one eye on the shoreline while you cruise, as you just may spot otters, seals, bears, eagles and deer.

Cruising College Fjord

College Fjord was discovered during an 1899 expedition funded by Ivy League colleges. As a result, all of the glaciers were named after the various schools in their honor. Located in the northwest corner of Prince William Sound, College Fjord is surrounded by over a dozen glaciers, the largest of which is called Harvard Galcier. As you sail along enjoying the serenity and natural beauty of this destination, listen for the splash of glaciers calving into the water below.

Anchorage, Alaska

Located at the upper end of Cook Inlet in the Gulf of Alaska, Anchorage is Alaska's largest community. This popular tourist destination and crossroads for global air travel is only minutes away from the recreational areas bordering the Gulf of Alaska.


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