Andrea and Gabriel

Andrea and Gabriel

Andrea and Gabriel


Wedding Date: May 13, 2007
in Ottawa

Our Dream Honeymoon

A Tall Ship Cruise
through the Greek Isles or the Caribbean
Sailing during the Fall 2007 or Winter 2008

We are really looking forward to seeing you, our friends and family,
at the celebration of our wedding. Some of you have asked us
for ideas for shower or wedding gifts.
Your best wishes for our happiness together
and your company on our wedding day,
will be more than enough of a gift.

However, you know we love to travel,
and so, because you've asked, we have selected
Executive Worldwide Travel for our gift registry.

The smaller sail boat cruise goes to lesser known islands
and will allow us to enjoy the seas in an intimate and tranquil way.

How to contribute to our dream honeymoon:

Please contact Executive Worldwide Travel,
(613) 236-5555 or 1.800.267.5552, or at
Suite 202, 60 Queen Street, Ottawa, ON K1P 5Y7
indicating that you wish to contribute
to the honeymoon of Andrea and Gabriel.

Be sure to include the name(s) of the people making the gift,
an address and a phone number, just in case there is any confusion.

Executive Worldwide Travel will then send you two copies
of a honeymoon gift certificate with our names and your name(s) on it.
One copy is for you to send to us and the other is a receipt for you.

Executive Worldwide Travel would appreciate it if you would send a cheque.
If you wish to use your credit card, there will be a small fee.

The cut-off date for the gift registry is May 30, 2007.

For more information or to book your travel today, contact Executive Worldwide Travel
(613) 236-5555, 1-800-267-5552 or

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